Vera (2011)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

About: The TV Show Vera started airing in 2011 and it is categorized as crime, drama and mystery. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: The central character is Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope. Who is obsessive about her work and driven by her own demons. If she's lonely she doesn't show it and faces the world with caustic wit, guile and courage. Her trusted and long suffering colleague is Sergeant Joe Ashworth. Together they approach every new case with unparalleled gusto and professionalism. Read More



Episode 2: Recovery
Episode 1: Witness
Episode 4: The Escape Turn
Episode 3: Dirty
Episode 2: Parent Not Expected
Episode 1: Blood Will Tell
Episode 4: The Seagull
Episode 3: Cold River
Episode 2: Cuckoo
Episode 1: Blind Spot
Episode 4: Darkwater
Episode 3: Home
Episode 2: Black Ice
Episode 1: Blood and Bone
Episode 4: The Blanket Mire
Episode 3: Broken Promise
Episode 2: Dark Angel
Episode 1: Natural Selection
Episode 4: The Sea Glass
Episode 3: The Moth Catcher
Episode 2: Tuesday's Child
Episode 1: Dark Road
Episode 4: Shadows in the Sky
Episode 3: Muddy Waters
Episode 2: Old Wounds
Episode 1: Changing Tides
Episode 4: Death of a Family Man
Episode 3: The Deer Hunters
Episode 2: Protected
Episode 1: On Harbour Street
Episode 4: Prodigal Son
Episode 3: Young Gods
Episode 2: Poster Child
Episode 1: Castles in the Air
Episode 4: Sandancers
Episode 3: A Certain Samaritan
Episode 2: Silent Voices
Episode 1: The Ghost Position
Episode 4: Little Lazarus
Episode 3: The Crow Trap
Episode 2: Telling Tales
Episode 1: Hidden Depths