Men Behaving Badly (1992)


Genre: Comedy

About: The TV Show Men Behaving Badly started airing in 1992 and it is categorized as comedy. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: Men Behaving Badly is a British sitcom that was created and written by Simon Nye. It follows the lives of Gary Strang and his flatmates, Dermot Povey and Tony Smart. It was first broadcast on ITV in 1992. A total of six series were made along with a Christmas special and three final episodes that make up the feature-length "last orders". The series was filmed in and around Ealing in west London and the final scene of series six was filmed at the Cerne Abbas giant. The setting however is implied to be South London and many references are made to Surrey. It was produced by Hartswood Films, and Thames Television co-produced the first two series for ITV. They also assisted with production of the third series onwards that aired on the BBC. After being moved to a post-watershed slot on BBC1, Men Behaving Badly became highly successful. It was voted the best sitcom in the BBC's history at BBC Television's 60th anniversary celebrations in 1996. It also came sixteenth in the Britain's Best Sitcom poll commissioned in 2004 on BBC2. It has also won the Comedy Awards' best ITV comedy, and the first National Television Award for Situation Comedy. Read More



Episode 3: Delivery
Episode 2: Gary in Love
Episode 1: Performance
Episode 6: Sofa
Episode 5: Ten
Episode 4: Watching TV
Episode 3: Jealousy
Episode 2: Wedding
Episode 1: Stag Night
Episode 7: Home-Made Sauna
Episode 6: Rich and Fat
Episode 5: Cardigan
Episode 4: Your Mate v Your Bird
Episode 3: Cowardice
Episode 2: The Good Pub Guide
Episode 1: Hair
Episode 7: Playing Away
Episode 6: In Bed with Dorothy
Episode 5: Drunk
Episode 4: Three Girlfriends
Episode 3: Pornography
Episode 2: Infidelity
Episode 1: Babies
Episode 6: Marriage
Episode 5: Cleaning Lady
Episode 4: Weekend
Episode 3: Casualties
Episode 2: Bed
Episode 1: Lovers
Episode 6: People Behaving Irritatingly
Episode 5: Going Nowhere
Episode 4: Troublesome 12 Inch
Episode 3: How to Dump Your Girlfriend
Episode 2: Rent Boy
Episode 1: Gary & Tony
Episode 6: My Brilliant Career
Episode 5: Sex & Violence
Episode 4: Animals
Episode 3: Alarms & Setbacks
Episode 2: The Bet
Episode 1: Intruders