Last of the Summer Wine (1973)


Genre: Comedy

About: The TV Show Last of the Summer Wine started airing in 1973 and it is categorized as comedy. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: Unencumbered by wives, jobs or any other responsibilities, three senior citizens who've never really grown up explore their world in the Yorkshire Dales. They spend their days speculating about their fellow townsfolk and thinking up adventures not usually favored by the elderly. Last of the Summer Wine premiered as an episode of Comedy Playhouse in 1973. The show ran for 295 episodes until 2010. It is the longest running comedy Britain has produced and the longest running sitcom in the world. Read More



Episode 6: How Not to Cry at Weddings
Episode 5: Look Whose Wheel's Come Off
Episode 4: Howard and the Great Outdoors
Episode 3: The Rights of Man (Except for Howard)
Episode 2: Happy Camping
Episode 1: Behind Every Bush There Is Not Necessarily a Howard
Episode 10: Goodnight Sweet Ferret
Episode 9: Variations on a Theme of Father's Day
Episode 8: In Which Romance Springs a Leak
Episode 7: Will Randolph Make a Good Impression?
Episode 6: Will Stella Find True Love with Norris Fairburn?
Episode 5: Nobody Messes with Tony the Throat
Episode 4: Who's That Looking Sideways at Nelly?
Episode 3: Will Howard Cross the Atlantic Single-Handed?
Episode 2: The Mother of All Mistakes - Or Is It?
Episode 1: Some Adventures of the Inventor of the Mother Stitch
Episode 11: Get Out of That Then
Episode 10: It's Never Ten Years
Episode 9: Of Passion and Pizza
Episode 8: The Mischievous Tinkle in Howard's Eyes
Episode 7: In Which Romance Isn't Dead - Just Incompetent
Episode 6: Eva's Back in Town
Episode 5: All That Glitters is Not Elvis
Episode 4: Is Jeremy Quite Safe?
Episode 2: Will the Genuine Racer Please Stand Up?
Episode 1: Enter the Finger
Episode 10: Sinclair and the Wormley Witches
Episode 9: In Which Howard Remembers Where He Left His Bicycle Pump
Episode 8: Must Be Good Dancer
Episode 7: The Crowcroft Challenge
Episode 6: Elegy for Small Creature and Clandestine Trackbike
Episode 5: Will the Nearest Alien Please Come In
Episode 4: In Which Howard Gets Double Booked
Episode 3: Variations on a Theme of Road Rage
Episode 2: What Happened to the Horse?
Episode 1: The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson
Episode 9: Plenty of Room in the Back
Episode 8: Oh Look! Mitzi's Found Her Mummy
Episode 7: Who's That Talking to Lenny?
Episode 6: Who's That Merry Man with Billy, Then?
Episode 5: Barry in Danger from Reading and Aunt Jessie
Episode 4: The Genuine Outdoors Robin Hood Barbi
Episode 3: Has Anyone Seen Barry's Midlife Crisis?
Episode 2: How to Remove a Cousin
Episode 1: Follow That Bottle
Episode 11: Little Orphan Howard
Episode 10: Little Orphan Howard
Episode 9: Lot Number 8
Episode 8: The Afterthoughts of a Co-op Manager
Episode 7: The McDonaghs of Jamieson Street
Episode 6: Available for Weddings
Episode 5: Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group?
Episode 3: Has Anyone Seen a Peruvian Wart?
Episode 2: Watching the Clock
Episode 1: The Swan Man of Ilkley
Episode 11: Yours Truly - If You're Not Careful
Episode 10: Yours Truly - If You're Not Careful
Episode 9: Beware of Laughing at Nora's Hats
Episode 8: Things to Do When Your Wife Runs off with a Turkish Waiter
Episode 7: Barry Becomes a Psychopathic Killer But Only Part Time
Episode 6: An Apple a Day
Episode 5: Who's That with Barry and Glenda? It's Not Barry and Glenda
Episode 4: Happy Birthday Robin Hood
Episode 3: Spores
Episode 2: The General's Greatest Battle
Episode 1: Jurassic - No Parking
Episode 10: All of a Florrie
Episode 9: The Second Husband and the Showgirls
Episode 8: The Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff
Episode 7: The Frenchies Are Coming
Episode 6: The Miraculous Curing of Old Goff Helliwell
Episode 5: In Which Gavin Hinchcliffe Loses the Gulf Stream
Episode 4: The Secret Birthday of Norman Clegg
Episode 3: A Pick-Up of the Later Ming Dynasty
Episode 2: Ancient Eastern Wisdom: An Introduction
Episode 1: The Lair of the Cat Creature
Episode 11: It All Began with an Old Volvo Headlamp
Episode 10: It All Began with an Old Volvo Headlamp
Episode 9: Sadly, Madly, Bradley
Episode 8: Exercising Father's Bicycle
Episode 7: A Chaise Longue Too Far
Episode 6: In Search of Childlike Joy and the Farthest Reaches of the Lotus Position
Episode 5: Beware of the Hot Dog
Episode 4: The Incredible Ordeal of Norman Clegg
Episode 3: Mervyn Would Be Proud
Episode 2: The Mystical Squeak of Howard's Bicycle
Episode 1: A Brief Excursion in the Fast Lane
Episode 11: Potts In Pole Position
Episode 10: The Coming of the Beast
Episode 9: Why Is Barry at an Angle?
Episode 7: A Hair of the Blonde That Bit You
Episode 6: Gnome and Away
Episode 5: Enter the Hawk
Episode 4: Hey! Big Vendor
Episode 3: The Missing Bus of Mrs. Avery
Episode 1: Getting Barry's Goat
Episode 10: I Didn't Know Barry Could Play
Episode 9: Waggoner's Roll
Episode 8: Some Vans Can Make You Deaf
Episode 7: From Here to Paternity
Episode 6: Just a Small Funeral
Episode 5: Surprise at Throstlenest
Episode 4: Elegy for Fallen Wellies
Episode 3: Magic and the Morris Minor
Episode 2: Under the Rug
Episode 1: Lipstick and Other Problems
Episode 11: Last Post And Pigeon
Episode 10: Ironing Day
Episode 9: The Phantom Number 14 Bus
Episode 8: Howard Throws a Wobbler
Episode 7: Beware the Vanilla Slice
Episode 6: Will Barry Go Septic Despite Listening to Classical Music?
Episode 5: Optimism in the Housing Market
Episode 4: What's Happened to Barry's Nose?
Episode 3: Who's Thrown Her Tom Cruise Photos Away?
Episode 2: How Errol Flynn Discovered the Secret Scar of Nora Batty
Episode 1: The Pony Set
Episode 10: Support your Local Skydiver
Episode 9: From Audrey Nash to the Widow Dilhooley
Episode 8: Nowhere Particular
Episode 7: Perfection - Thy Name is Ridley
Episode 6: The Only Diesel Saxophone in Captivity
Episode 5: The Suit that Attracts Blondes
Episode 4: Oh Howard, We Should Get One of Those
Episode 3: Truly and the Hole Truth
Episode 2: Tarzan of the Towpath
Episode 1: Beware of the Oglethorpe
Episode 11: A Sidecar Named Desire
Episode 10: A Sidecar Named Desire
Episode 9: Destiny and Six Bananas
Episode 8: Next Kiss Please
Episode 7: According to the Prophet Bickerdyke
Episode 6: Deviations with Davenport
Episode 5: How to Create a Monster
Episode 4: A Double for Howard
Episode 3: The Mysterious C. W. Northrop
Episode 2: A Clean Sweep
Episode 1: The Love-Mobile
Episode 11: A Leg Up for Christmas (1995 Christmas Special)
Episode 10: Brushes at Dawn
Episode 9: The Thing in Wesley's Shed
Episode 8: Beware of the Elbow
Episode 7: The Suit That Turned Left
Episode 6: Desperate for a Duffield
Episode 5: Captain Clutterbuck's Treasure
Episode 4: The First Human Being to Ride a Hill
Episode 3: The Glamour of the Uniform
Episode 2: Bicycle Bonanza
Episode 1: Leaving Home Forever or Till Teatime
Episode 8: The Sweet Smell of Excess
Episode 7: The Dewhursts of Ogleby Hall
Episode 6: The Most Powerful Eyeballs in West Yorkshire
Episode 5: The Space Ace
Episode 4: Once in a Moonlit Junkyard
Episode 3: The Defeat of the Stoneworm
Episode 2: Adopted by a Stray
Episode 1: The Glory Hole
Episode 11: The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti
Episode 9: Aladdin Gets on Your Wick
Episode 8: There Are Gypsies at the Bottom of Our Garden
Episode 7: Concerto for Solo Bicycle
Episode 6: Springing Smiler
Episode 5: Stop That Bath
Episode 4: Have You Got a Light Mate?
Episode 3: The Black Widow
Episode 2: Where There's Smoke, There's Barbecue
Episode 1: How to Clear Your Pipes
Episode 10: Stop That Castle
Episode 9: Wheelies
Episode 8: Camera Shy
Episode 7: Who's Got Rhythm?
Episode 6: Happy Birthday, Howard
Episode 5: Ordeal by Trousers
Episode 4: The Self-Propelled Salad Strainer
Episode 3: The Phantom of the Graveyard
Episode 2: Errol Flynn Used to Have a Pair Like That
Episode 1: By the Magnificent Thighs of Ernie Burniston
Episode 7: Situations Vacant
Episode 6: Pole Star
Episode 5: Passing the Earring
Episode 4: Cashflow Problems
Episode 3: Was That Nora Batty Singing?
Episode 2: Give Us a Lift
Episode 1: Quick, Quick, Slow
Episode 11: Barry's Christmas (1990 Christmas Special)
Episode 10: A Landlady for Smiler
Episode 9: Roll On
Episode 7: The Empire That Foggy Nearly Built
Episode 6: Das Welly Boot
Episode 5: That's Not Captain Zero
Episode 4: Walking Stiff Can Make You Famous
Episode 3: The Charity Balls
Episode 2: Come In, Sunray Major
Episode 1: Return of the Warrior
Episode 8: What's Santa Brought for Nora Then? (1989 Christmas Special)
Episode 7: Three Men and a Mangle
Episode 6: Getting Barry Higher in the World
Episode 5: Happy Anniversary Gough and Jessie
Episode 4: Who's That Bloke with Nora Batty Then?
Episode 3: Oh Shut Up and Eat Your Choc Ice
Episode 2: The Kiss and Mavis Poskitt
Episode 1: Come Back, Jack Harry Teesdale
Episode 7: Crums (1988 Christmas Special)
Episode 6: The Day of the Welsh Ferret
Episode 5: Downhill Racer
Episode 4: That Certain Smile
Episode 3: Dancing Feet
Episode 2: The Treasure of the Deep
Episode 1: The Experiment
Episode 13: Wind Power
Episode 12: When You Take a Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible
Episode 11: Wind Power
Episode 10: Edie and the Automobile
Episode 9: Jaws
Episode 8: Go with the Flow
Episode 7: Set the People Free
Episode 6: The Ice-Cream Man Cometh
Episode 5: Who's Feeling Ejected Then?
Episode 4: The Really Masculine Purse
Episode 3: Dried Dates and Codfanglers
Episode 2: The Heavily Reinforced Bottom
Episode 1: Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies' Elastic Stockings?
Episode 7: Who's Looking After the Cafe Then?
Episode 6: Who's Looking After the Cafe Then?
Episode 5: The Woollen Mills of Your Mind
Episode 4: Catching Digby's Donkey
Episode 3: Enter the Phantom
Episode 2: Keeping Britain Tidy
Episode 1: The Mysterious Feet of Nora Batty
Episode 8: Getting Sam Home (1983 Christmas Special)
Episode 7: The Arts of Concealment
Episode 6: The Arts of Concealment
Episode 5: The Three Astaires
Episode 4: Cheering Up Ludovic
Episode 3: The Waist Land
Episode 2: The White Man's Grave
Episode 1: The Frozen Turkey Man
Episode 8: From Wellies to Wetsuit
Episode 7: From Wellies to Wetsuit
Episode 6: Serenade for Tight Jeans and Metal Detector
Episode 5: One of the Last Few Places Unexplored by Man
Episode 4: A Bicycle Made for Three
Episode 3: The Odd Dog Men
Episode 2: Car and Garter
Episode 1: In the Service of Humanity
Episode 9: Whoops
Episode 8: And a Dewhurst Up a Fir Tree (1979 Christmas Special)
Episode 7: Here We Go Again into the Wild Blue Yonder
Episode 6: Here We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder
Episode 5: Earnshaw Strikes Back
Episode 4: Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire
Episode 3: The Flag and Further Snags
Episode 2: The Flag and Its Snag
Episode 1: Full Steam Behind
Episode 9: Small Tune on a Penny Wassail (1978 Christmas Special)
Episode 8: The Bandit from Stoke-on-Trent
Episode 7: A Merry Heatwave
Episode 6: Greenfingers
Episode 5: Who Made a Bit of a Splash in Wales Then?
Episode 4: Flower Power Cut
Episode 3: Jubilee
Episode 2: Getting on Sydney's Wire
Episode 1: Ferret Come Home
Episode 7: Isometrics and After
Episode 6: Going To Gordon's Wedding
Episode 5: The Kink in Foggy's Niblick
Episode 4: Cheering Up Gordon
Episode 3: The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper
Episode 2: Mending Stuart's Leg
Episode 1: The Man from Oswestry
Episode 7: Northern Flying Circus
Episode 6: Ballad for Wind Instruments and Canoe
Episode 5: A Quiet Drink
Episode 4: Some Enchanted Evening
Episode 3: The Changing Face of Rural Blamire
Episode 2: Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty Then?
Episode 1: Forked Lightning
Episode 6: The New Mobile Trio
Episode 5: Spring Fever
Episode 4: Pate and Chips
Episode 3: Inventor of the 40-Foot Ferret
Episode 2: Short Back and Palais Glide
Episode 1: Of Funerals and Fish (pilot)