HOT ROD Garage (2014)


Genre: Sport

About: The TV Show HOT ROD Garage started airing in 2014 and it is categorized as sport. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: HOT ROD Garage is the ultimate, hands-on car aficionado's workshop show. From paint and body repair to engine swaps, HOT ROD Garage is full of the tips, tricks and know-how that you've come to expect from the crew at HOT ROD Magazine. Read More



Episode 6: Twinpala is Back! Shooting for 9s! 1000-hp, 16-cylinder, AWD!
Episode 5: 1971 Caddy Sedan DeVille Made Hard to Kill!!
Episode 4: The Cheapest Turbo Buick in America! The $3,800 Grand Trashional!
Episode 3: AMC 401 V-8 Racing Engine Build! High Revs! Big Power! Trans-AM Killer!
Episode 2: Cheap Hot Muscle!! 2004 Mustang GT Hiding in Plain Sight!
Episode 1: 3-Way Drag Racing! Hot Rod Garage Unfinished Business!
Episode 12: Does America Make a Better Barra?!?! Vortec 4200 Turbo Engine Builds!
Episode 11: Fast! Cheap! Mopar!!! Pick Two!!!! The Story of the MythDuster!
Episode 10: Fiberglass Realities - Scratching the Itch
Episode 7: 16 Cylinders! Twin LS Engine! 600 HP! AWD 2006 Chevy Impala SS! The Twinpala is Here!
Episode 4: How to Drag Race! Hot Rod Garage Takes You to the Strip! Bonus: Burnouts!
Episode 3: 1971 Caddy Sedan DeVille LS Swap!! Complete Misadventure!!
Episode 11: Ready, Set, Race! Our 5.0 MG Transformed Into a Road Racer!
Episode 10: Auction Find! Ballin’ on a Budget 575hp Mercedes SL500
Episode 8: 5.9l Cummins Diesel El Camino Swap! Dieselcamino!!
Episode 6: Trackside Upgrades! 5.0 Mustang Drag Testing!
Episode 3: $3,500 Chevy S-10 Total Transformation! Low-Budget High School Hot Rod
Episode 2: LS vs. 2JZ vs. 12V Cummins. Superstar Engine Comparo!!
Episode 12: Hack the C10 Market! Longbed to Shortbed DIY Conversion!
Episode 10: Adding 150 Horsepower to a Junkyard 6.0L LS! The #66ChevHell Gets Some Serious Power!
Episode 5: The Crown Hick Gets Supercharged V-8 Power!
Episode 2: Crown Hick, F100/Crown Victoria Cop Car Body Swap Gets Up and Running!
Episode 12: Drift ’Cuda Hits the SEMA Show and Then the Track!! #fishtailcuda
Episode 11: 6.4 Hemi Crate Engine Swap! Drift `Cuda Gets Modern Hemi Power!
Episode 10: Drift `Cuda! Meet Project FishTail!!
Episode 8: Tire Killer! ’66 Fury Wagon! Big-Block Stroker Wagon Gets Big Power!
Episode 5: Blown ’57 Chevy! Project X Returns with a 6-71 Blown Small-Block!!
Episode 4: Budget Turbo V-8 Drag Times! #Bonemaro Hits the Track!!!
Episode 3: 512 Cubic-Inch Stroker Sleeper Wagon! #Furyroadmaster
Episode 5: Muscle Truck Revamp on a 1974 Chevrolet C10!