Gentefied (2020)


Genre: Comedy

About: The TV Show Gentefied started airing in 2020 and it is categorized as comedy. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: Based on the digital series of the same title, Gentefied centers on three cousins who band together to keep their Grandfather's popular Boyle Heights taco shop in business as the neighborhood becomes more gentrified. Throughout the show's first season the cousins confront their differences in their connections to their community, their heritage, and their commitment to the family business, all while navigating larger themes of gentrification and the marginalization of Latinx's in America. Read More



Episode 8: No Human Is Illegal
Episode 7: No More Band-Aids
Episode 6: Sangiving
Episode 5: Yessika's Day Off
Episode 4: Send Me A Sign
Episode 3: Daddy
Episode 2: Vivian Castro Hates Mexicans
Episode 1: Welcome Home, Pop
Episode 10: Delfina
Episode 9: Protest Tacos
Episode 8: Women's Work
Episode 7: Brown Love
Episode 6: The Grapevine
Episode 5: The Mural
Episode 4: Unemployed AF
Episode 3: Bad Hombres
Episode 2: Bail Money
Episode 1: Casimiro