Food Unwrapped (2012)


Genre: Documentary , Comedy

About: The TV Show Food Unwrapped started airing in 2012 and it is categorized as documentary and comedy. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: The food and science series that travels the world to explore the industry secrets behind our favourite produce, industry secrets, and how foods are really made. Read More



Episode 7: Sunflower Seeds, Rhubarb, Sugar in Milkshakes
Episode 5: Microplastics, Nettles, Rhubarb & Custard
Episode 4: Candy Floss, Crayfish, Brie
Episode 3: Turmeric, Milk Chocolate, Asparagus
Episode 2: Onions, Raspberries, Fish & Chip Suppers
Episode 1: Instant Cappuccino, Tinned Tomatoes, Panettone
Episode 6: Favourites: Lager & Ale, Crumpets
Episode 4: Favourites: Haagen-Dazs, Vanilla, Edam, Plastic in Seafood
Episode 1: Homegrown Fruit and Veg, Eels, Ginger Beer
Episode 6: Potatoes, Smoked Fish, Carb-Restrictive Diets
Episode 5: Bacon, Fish Fingers, Calcium, New Zealand Lamb
Episode 2: Pizza, Shrimp Shells, Salted Caramel
Episode 1: Coconut Shortage, Compostable Plastic, the Macaron
Episode 9: Baked Beans, Stinky Cheese, Diet Champagne
Episode 8: Fizzy Sweets, Vitamin D, Mushrooms, Raw Kale
Episode 7: Kippers, Gherkins, Rice Cakes
Episode 5: Soft-shell Crab, Blue Dye, Pork Pies
Episode 3: Baby Rice, Beef Burgers, Sushi
Episode 2: Oregano, Peanut Allergies, Ribena
Episode 1: Poppy Seeds, Cooking Oil, Ancient Grain Bread
Episode 5: Coconut Oil, Artichokes, Absinthe
Episode 4: Bell Peppers, Leeks, Manuka Honey
Episode 3: Marmalade, Fish, Goat
Episode 2: Pepper, Yeast, Crisps
Episode 3: Bananas, Plant Meat, Crisps
Episode 2: Tofu, Ready Meals, Milk
Episode 16: Revisited: Figs, Energy Drinks, Kidney Beans
Episode 15: Revisited: Red Wine, Gluten, Gummy Sweets
Episode 13: Revisited: Sourdough, Rose Oil, Beetroot
Episode 12: Revisited: Greek Yoghurt, Red Leicester, Ostrich
Episode 11: Revisited: Pinenuts, Pies and Beef
Episode 9: Crabs, Greens, Gummy Sweets
Episode 8: Plums, Vegetables, Cherry Tomatoes
Episode 7: Pineapples, Chocolate, Mussels
Episode 4: Vodka, Instant Coffee, Wensleydale Cheese
Episode 3: Blue Fin Tuna, Ice Cream, Peas
Episode 2: Vitamin D, Wagu Beef, Swiss Cheese
Episode 9: Whitebait, Doggy Chocs, American Beef