44 Cats (2018)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Music , Musical

About: The TV Show 44 Cats started airing in 2018 and it is categorized as animation, adventure, comedy, family, music and musical. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: 44 Cats follows the daily adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Polpetta–four cats who are part of a music band named the Buffycats. Together, they try to find creative solutions to everyday problems and help other cats in need. Read More



Episode 26: A New Friend for Pilou
Episode 24: Lampo at the Buffolympics
Episode 23: The Superhero Cat
Episode 21: Detective Pilou
Episode 20: Four Cats and a Camel
Episode 18: Piperita, the Chef Cat
Episode 17: Underwater Mission
Episode 16: Meatball's Secret Move
Episode 15: Dogsitter Mission
Episode 14: Milky and Chock's Circus
Episode 13: Milady and the Cat-Fu Master
Episode 12: The Dance Contest
Episode 11: Cat Fever
Episode 10: Lampo and the Crazy Race
Episode 8: Neko, the Lucky Cat
Episode 7: Granny Pina's Secret Recipe
Episode 6: Gas, the Stinky Cat
Episode 5: Gaby, the Reporter Cat
Episode 4: Cat Traps
Episode 2: A Puppy to Save
Episode 1: Buffycats on a Mission